Investment Account

View your portfolio, receive alerts and do more in your Investment account at your convenience. As a Kotak Mahindra Bank customer, you can open your Investment account even with a zero balance.


Your Kotak Investment Account gives you more:

  • Stay updated with a daily MF Portfolio statement
  • Link your Net Banking account with your MF purchases for filling MF forms or cheques for every transaction
  • Receive redemption proceeds directly in your Bank Ac
  • View your Portfolio Statement for a consolidated report of all your MF investments, across schemes, with latest NAV information, updated returns status and more
  • Get Mutual Fund Recommendations
  • Choose between opening an online investment account with us on a repatriable or on a non repatriable basis*.

NOTE: As Per the regulatory framework, the investments for all existing Kotak customers with an investment account are re-grouped into separate investment accounts. The re-grouping is based on the Repatriability status of the Folios held to help you manage your investments efficiently.

*Online Mutual Fund investment services are available to NRIs in all countries except those based in USA and Canada. NRIs based in UK can register on visit to India
#Availability of service is dependent on your service provider.


Earn more with your pick of mutual funds from a recommended list of consistent and highly performing mutual funds. Kotak prepares a list of top performing mutual funds for your reference every quarter.


How do you judge MF performance?

Kotak's comprehensive process accounts for both high returns and consistency of returns to select the best performing Mutual Fund schemes.

The main criterion for selection is the Excess Return Potential Ratio to test the performance consistency of the funds. The research includes keen analysis across four time horizons, every 6 months. Some factors are:

  • Reward to Risk Analysis
  • Portfolio Characteristics
  • Corpus size

MF Assistance

Gain from expert advice and analysis at each step with Kotak Mahindra's experienced research team. Find the MF option most suitable for you with latest mutual fund communication like fact sheets from Kotak's team of experts.


How we choose MFs on the Kotak advisory list?

The Kotak team of experts investigates:

  • Asset Management Company's Investment philosophy
  • Portfolio quality
  • Risk-adjusted returns of the scheme
What does the advisory list include?

The Kotak MF advisory list ranges from Debt to Equity funds. These MFs are selected from high performing schemes observed under reputed Mutual Fund houses like Franklin Templeton, Reliance, Prudential ICICI and others.

Start Investing

    I have a Kotak Mahindra

  • Demat Account
  • PINS Bank Account
  • Trading Account

To invest in India through the Kotak Group, you must have all three accounts.

Apply for NRI PAN

  • Why do I need a PAN?
    Every NRI must have a Permanent Account Number to trade or invest in India for almost all transactions.

Trade your MFs

Buy or sell your MFs with one call or one click now.

Note: Not available to NRIS/PIOs in USA & Canada. NRIs in UK can register on visit to India.

Know your MFs

View latest market information about high performing MFs.

  • Fact Sheets
  • Offer Documents
  • Addendums

Market Perspective

  • Need a monthly update?
    Get a snapshot of the past month and the month to come from experts at Kotak.
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