Demat Account

Invest in the Indian market through Kotak depository services with easy to trade shares in the "demat" format. Do more with your investments through Kotak Mahindra Bank's highly efficient depository service. Once you consolidate your shares in a Demat account, you can trade all your securities at your convenience.


Why open a Kotak Demat Account?

  • At Kotak Mahindra Bank, you pay the minimum service charges in the market
  • We take care of paper work like debt requirements of companies (Issue of Commercial Paper, Certificate of Deposits, etc) to us
  • Your composite Demat Account can hold not just equity shares but also Government Securities and bonds
  • Get any query or assistance from a dedicated and trained Customer Care Officer even while you transact

Portfolio Investment Services

You can now purchase equity shares and convertible debentures in India under the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PINS). With the Kotak Group of financial services, your transactions are seamless across accounts. It is easier than ever to invest and earn from the Indian secondary market through a PINS account designed for NRIs by the Reserve Bank of India.


How can I open a PINS account?

Open a PINS account


NOTE: Online PINS investment services are available to NRIs in all countries except those based in USA and Canada. NRIs based in non GCC countries can register on visit to India.

Start Investing

    I have a Kotak Mahindra

  • Demat Account
  • PINS Bank Account
  • Trading Account

To invest in India through the Kotak Group, you must have all three accounts.

Apply for NRI PAN

  • Why do I need a PAN?
    Every NRI must have a Permanent Account Number to trade or invest in India for almost all transactions.
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