Time to be cautious

Optimism prevails, but so do concerns. The phrase most experts use to describe the current rally in the markets is: “Probably, this time will be different.” On Tuesday, the Sensex closed over the physiologically important 20,000-mark, which is just about 1,200 points away from its all-time high of January 2008. »

When you are an NRI...

As the last date for filing tax returns nears, those who earned income abroad (‘global income’) may have to make some extra effort while computing their tax liability. In case of employees on deputation abroad, the Income Tax (I-T) Department computes the tax on the basis of their residence status over a certain period of time. Neha Pandey / Mumbai July 23, 2010, 0:57 IST»

Experience a whole new NRI banking experience

A few Indian banks now extend their easy banking services to NRIs. These services are now offered to NRIs residing all across the globe. »

NRIs, looking for assistance in PAN documentation?

Indian banks now offer their Non Resident Indian (NRI) customers a host of services that allays all concerns about their financial assets.»

NRIs, now build your dream home in India!

Are you a Non Resident Indian (NRI)? Do you dream of owning a home back in India? A few banks offer NRI Home Loan facilities. Through these loans, you could either buy your own dream space or improve your existing home through home improvement loans.»

Make the best of your savings in India

A few banks recognize the need for banking services for the Non Resident Indian (NRIs). In this endeavor, we have launched the NRI banking services. »

NRI banking now made easy!

A few Indian banks have successfully allayed all concerns of NRI’s about their money. Be it as savings in India, NRI investments in India or their NRI home loans.»

Experience easy banking for NRIs

NRIs have often shied away from banking facilities with Indian banks thanks to complicated processes and documentation. However, a few banks now provide easy banking services that are dedicated to the needs of NRIs like you. »

Open your eyes to a new NRI banking experience

A few Indian banks have now opened its services for Non resident Indians (NRIs). The bank provides services that are bespoke for NRIs. Opening an NRI account, money transfers, NRI investments in India and acquiring NRI home loans are easy facilities that with these banks.»

A world of NRI services, now available!

Are you a Non Resident Indian (NRI) looking for banking services in India? Have your past experiences with NRI banking services left a bad taste in your mouth? Look no further.»

NRI deposit accounts now a breeze

Opening an (Non Resident Indian) NRI account with an Indian bank can be an affair sought with anxiety. However, it’s time you changed it. Some banks offer NRIs like you an opportunity to experience the new NRI banking facilities on offer.»

NRI documentation assist, now possible

Non Resident Indians or NRIs hesitate in banking with Indian banks. Even if they hesitantly venture into it, the path is often perilous and distasteful. What with the heavy documentation, time difference and obtuse rules, NRIs often shy away from banking services with Indian banks. Things are changing though. »

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    Every NRI must have a Permanent Account Number to trade or invest in India for almost all transactions.
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