Tax Implications for Mutual Fund Investors w.e.f. April 1, 2012
As amended under the Finance Act 2012-13

Capital Gains Dividend Income
In the hands of
Tax on distributed income
Paid by Fund House
Equity Schemes*^ Other than Equity Schemes
Short Term (units held for 12 months or less) Long Term (units held for more than 12 months) TDS Short Term Long Term TDS Equity Scheme Other Schemes Equity Scheme Debt schemes Money market and Liquid schemes
15.45% (15% + 3% education cess) NIL STCG -15.45% (15% +3% education cess) LTCG -NIL Applicable income tax as per slab + 3% education cess 10.30% without indexation or 20.60% with indexation (10%/20%+ 3% education cess) STCG - 30.90% (30% + 3% education cess) LTCG - 20.60% (20% +3% education cess) (after providing for indexation) NIL NIL NIL 13.519% (12.5% + 5% surcharge + 3% education Cess) 27.038% (25% + 5% surcharge + 3% education Cess)

* Equity Schemes refers to schemes having investment of more than 65% in Equity instruments.
^ Securities transaction tax (STT) @ 0.01% will be deducted on equity funds at the time of redemption and switch to the other schemes.
The surcharge of 5% in case of Domestic Companies/Corporates will be applicable if the total income exceeds Rs. 1 crore.
Deloitte comment: For NRIs, the rates could reduce under the applicable double taxation avoidance agreement
Deloitte comment: Wherever the rate is lower than 20% and the recipient does not have a PAN, the withholding tax rate will increase to 20%

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